One Day Church Workshop

Choose Your Ministry/Grow Your Church Through Technology, Social Media, Media and Human Resource
 Over 100 Hundred Strategies that can help develop a ministry that will impact the Financial, Spiritual, and Revivalist Growth of your Church, Community and City for JESUS

                                                                                         Church growth isn’t only about membership. It’s about discipleship and growth.
Ask yourself these questions? Why would someone visit your church? What do you have that will interest them? And when they visit what will make them want to stay/come back?     How, can 12 church members bring in 144 or more within 30, 60 or 90 days.
What are the Mega-Churches doing that your church isn’t? What is missing in your staff and leadership?
We also list 50 fast growing churches that may answer questions for you.  and  Can your church use an extra $1,000. $5,000. Or $10,000. monthly in tithes and offerings?
Are you ready for revival in your area? Are you willing to Collaborate to take your community and your city for JESUS? These answers and more in our One Day Workshop.

                   October 7th at Trinity Center in Cleveland - October 8th at the Amy Levin Center in Lorain - October 9th Holiday Inn Express Sandusky -







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