View these two videos and you will get to know a little about me - read my books, hear my music and see my videos and you will learn a lot about me - Help Us Inform the Public and Stamp out
Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco Use and Abuse, Bullying, Student and Teacher Burnout. Help to build leadership potential in our students. Brother Lou Acosta is available to speak on various topics including: Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Recovery - Prison Re-entry Reform - Fatherhood in the Hip Hop Generation - Responsibility/Reliability in Students,Parents and Teachers  send all info To:  or call 440-670-7017


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                   Help Us Inform the Public and Stamp out Drug  Alcohol and Tobacco  Use and Abuse - I'm Free Today Through Christ Our Lord who gave me the Power and the Strength to Succeed




Two Million Souls was recorded by the Kingdom Reps to put out the word that over 2 million souls are lost daily to various things in Life or Death and in any scenario
you can help lead some back before they are totally lost. Mouth Piece -Word Life- God's Child - JD Eyebrows and Brother Lew made up the Kingdom Reps



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