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To Book Brother Lew Send an email or Document with all pertinent information for the booking : There are 8 different workshops as well as speaking topics with songs, poetry or spoken word. 

Name of Workshop, Conference, TV, Radio, Seminar, or Speaking Event* ___________________________________________________________ 
Sponsoring Group*  ________________________________________   Name of contact person* __________________________________________   
Phone Number* ____________________________________________  Email*  _________________________________________________________   
Address* ________________________________________City ________________________________  State ___________ / ZIP _________________
Event Specifics ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Event Location*__________________________________________________ Is event date fixed or tentative?*_______________________________
Specific content to be covered?* ___________________________________________________  -   Specific meeting times*_____________________
Actual speaking time during each meeting*___________________________________________  -   Are there other speakers?__________________
If so, who?*______________________________________________________________________  - Number of attendees expected*______________
What is the theme for your event?*_____________________________________________________________________________________________
Are there any special needs you would like us to be praying about in regard to this event? ___________________________________________
Honorarium (please write a specific U.S. dollar amount)*______________________  -  The honorarium check should be made out to Lou Acosta 
Will honorarium be given in advance?*  Yes - No  -  The final day of meetings? ________________________________________________________
Special arrangements needed?________________________________________________________________________________________________
Overnight Accommodations: Hotel Name/Address/City/State /______________________________________________________________________
Hotel Phone Number ______________________________________  Logistics: Can you supply (check all that apply)_________________________
P.A. System_____Large Screen TV or Projector_____DVD Player_____ Powerpoint/LCD Projector_____ Cordless or Lapel Microphone_________
8' Table _____Photo Copier______Marker, Pad & Easel ____ Blackboard w/Chalk & Eraser____ Whiteboard w/ Markers & Eraser ______
Table for Speaker Products______ Expenses (Meetings less than 200 miles)______What is mileage from speaker's hometown?_______
Auto travel of 33 cents per mile covered?_______ Expenses (Meetings more than 200 miles) (Air travel arrangements will be made by Lou Acosta) -
Will air travel be covered in advance?______What is the length of travel time from airport to meeting place?_________
Who will transport to/from airport?_______________________________________Phone number __________________________________________

After we have sent you a letter confirming all arrangements, a cancellation fee of 25% of the honorarium will be assessed on the party who cancels the engagement. The canceling party will also be responsible for any non-refundable airfare/travel costs or misc. expenses -