Coronavirus: Chemical Warfare, Conspiracy Theory, 5G Financial Greed, New World Order? You Be The Judge. 
Brother Lew Life or Death reveals the true life story on how God turn around a life sentence and a death sentence.
Who the Son sets Free: Reveals How God can set you free from Drugs Alcohol, Tobacco and Prison.
Atmospheric Solutions Reveals: How God is turning around nations of poverty and destruction and how He can turn yours around.
Choose Your Ministry: Reveals how God is using the ministry you choose to grow your church, your community, the Body of Christ through modern day technology and simple outreach strategies.
Outkast: One Day at a time: (Now scripted for TV series) Reveals: An Inter-racial Marriage forcibly separated, by prison and human trafficking, reunited years later, the kids are now in High School and dealing with modern day issues and incidents while the family is trying to lead a straight life. The story is true-to-life in the lives of various persons that Brother Lew interview and compiled it together as a made for TV series. Every episode ends with a solution.
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