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Here are some basic lyrics in various songs that I use in outreach:


Life Story
My life story, growing up was up to no good,
didn’t mean I was bad just misunderstood ,
I liked to play ball, music very athletic,
but with the honeys and the cheddar yeah I had to get it,
cause at 13, wanted everything I saw from the store
didn’t care anything about the law
a little shorty running and dodging from the cops
trying to get props with cheddar on the block. 
Had to break it down in the Bronx like a soldier
It’s so hard on how society tries to mold ya,
I finally got fed up, self-esteem get up ,
I knew I got set up but had to hold my head up
and be, all the things the street showed me to be ,
even though I had sight, blind men can’t see
pulled a heist, trying to live the thug life,
clocking ice, now I’m lock down serving life … Chorus

Look at me thinking I was all good.
Misunderstood another shorty from the hood,
trying to be a baller, not getting taller
found a good girl but I just couldn’t hold her ,
so I became a faller, a father with a daughter ,
finally crossed the border my life was out of order,
people all around me with pleasure and pain,
staking their claim, needle in veins,
always playing games …
holding their breath trying to beat death
ripping their flesh, making a mess and living in stress…
but listen Loco please, the joint is no feast,
lifting weights , playing cards and thinking of streets.
Parole lets you out, you get into the mix,
a junkie for the fix, into the triple six
while mothers cry in pain and homies die in vein
and pleads go up to heaven to please stop the rain. 

When you rap about your lifestyle people in the culture listen especially if it’s true. There are many out there that try to get approval from other rappers or street cred. But the message that they bring is that they are doing things that will put them in jail or prison, that will demean women and they try to get others to drink smoke or take drugs by glamorizing it.
Even Christian Rappers want approval from other rappers rather than being leaders, they are just following the trends.

In one particular rap I say the lyric “I’m a senior in this rap game, that’s my status but don’t panic Hispanic Cause I’m a Radical Fanatic, I don’t follow no trends cause I’m setting them , Blazing them, everywhere I go, I’m Praising Him.

The idea is to reach whomsoever can accept the Lord. I am in a Ministry of Reconciliation, to reconcile and get others to reconcile with the Lord. 1st Corinthian 9:22 says to the least we became least so that one may be saved. Isaiah 43:19 Spoke about the Lord doing a new thing that many will not perceive, A Spring in the desert and A way out of the wilderness. That means that many will not understand the new thing that God is doing but He will show you through Miracles, Signs and Wonders. So Bring unto the Lord a new Song as in Psalm 149, One that He can use to bring people closer to Him. The Lord wants us to plant the Seed, He’ll have others water that Seed and He’ll Give the Increase. So people go to where the Harvest is and plant your seed.


This is for the Brothers holding it down in the Pen, Because the Lord wants people in there to work the Ministry also.

“I knew I had the gift, the call the ability,
I didn’t belong in a correctional facility….
Only to share the Word that I heard
so brothers like me hear the truth and get a new birth….
Back in the day I was blind
didn’t care about doing time
cause I was down for mine
out in the street catching cases with the lonely faces…
getting sent out to the wrong places
everything around me busting at the seams 
even my dreams making cream from the dopefiends
Hustling in the streets til the day I went away…
and on that fine day in the hospital I laid
on my deathbed while the devil prepared my grave
my life was going fast didn’t think that l’d be saved
Didn’t have a heartbeat, pulse in my hand
Satan wanted me to die
but God had a different plan
He knew in advance that I’d get a second chance
so I was born again and asked Jesus to be my friend
he transformed my life and also my behavior
that’s why I give the real props to Jesus Christ My Savior .

It’s divine intervention,
or did I mention, that you’re not here by chance
for this incident by coincidence
Cause w/out the Word you’ll be indigent
but He wants to use you as an instrument
repent and take your rightful place in the human race
With God’s amazing grace
Cause the enemy doesn’t want you on the other side
For the pride or the truth that he wants to hide
from you and the blessing, the beast is depressing,
and stressing, man start representing….
Today is the day of deliverance from captivity
brother and demonic activity
the enemy always want to take the stand
it’s a scam to infiltrate, and control the man,
for many years I was bounded like a slave
the spirit came into my heart
and broke away the chains
there’s a thin line between God and the devil
Will you be rebel, or live on a different level

And for you street soldiers that are out there that don’t have a clue on what to do you go to get with the program or get left behind. Join the Body of Christ and go out into the World and Reach the Lost because time is running out. Go out and take your city back.

For 30 years I been paving the way
for 30 years I brought the heat of the day
for 30 years I brought the beat of the play
to show you the way, to show you the way

Here come the soldiers the body is here
intercessory prayer Warriors coming from the rear…

we gave Satan notice to move on, the battle is won 
but you got to keep your armor on
man your stations…. Unbelievers…… approaching,
good news, witness, holy spirit Coaching,
taking borders back and staking the claim,
bless your city back in Jesus name.
March seven times like in Jericho….
shouting out to the enemy to let your people go
from the alcohol, aids and the violent attacks
in schools and churches and people on crack….
send out your artillery and sound the alarm
calling for the Body of Christ to bear arms
with the armor of God, the only way to fight
casting out demons by the power of His might.   

Taking this section for Jesus ---taking this city for Jesus - Taking this nation for Jesus------for Jesus “Hail to the  King”

The harvest is plenty with the sheep that are lost we have to try to reach them at any given cost…..
testify for the Lord and try to be a witness
talking about the Word
and about the Fathers Business
Making true disciples and spreading the Good News
The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few
So show the world your boldness
and never be the ashamed
brand it in your brain, let it out in Jesus Name

From city to city as we minister we see
brothers and sisters out there lost in misery reconciliation ministry calling, many are stalling
Got to keep hauling them out of sin,
the devil can’t win, lift up Jesus Name
And He’ll draw them in
God is knocking hard on your city’s door
your better let him in cause there might not be an encore

      Taking this section for Jesus ---taking this city for         
      Jesus Taking this nation for Jesus------for Jesus   
      “Hail to the King”


When you start working for the Lord through the Body of Christ, you’ll get to understand that Love is what is most important to God. He wants us to Love each other unconditionally just as He gave His only begotten Son to die for us so that we wouldn’t perish but have everlasting life. But still the Greatest Love to us was Jesus when He died on Calvary.

Greatest Love
Listen up people there’s a message coming down
from the crown so gather around so that I can break it down cause the wrath is coming soon with DA Quickness,
God is my witness, you got to get with this playa
every days a spiritual battle that can mean a war
that’s why you always got to have the armor of Lord,
cause everyday’ s a problem that will always come around,
but with the spiritual armor you can always keep it bound.
And since the resurrection Satan hasn’t been the same,
cause Jesus got authority over every given name
we all know the truth so why look for variety,
when Satan is the number one menace to society.
The Word became flesh so that all can be free
from captivity and also to make the blind see
to mend the broken hearted, heal the sick and raise the dead and everything else in His Word that He said
God so love the world unconditionally
that he gave his only begotten son, so that you and me< won’t have to perish but have everlasting life
and that is something that the devil really doesn’t like

Don’t compromise lest you be deceived,
cause Satan brings
the lies and many of you receive and believe we got to unmask the strongholds of the devil
just repent of your sins get yourself out of trouble
The mind can be attacked Infiltrated and affected
but every demon spirit can be bound and rejected
cause God owns everything around us that we see ,
the devil just perverts it from virtual reality
and all the present lies we accept in our society
are keeping all our people intermingled in fatalities
for eternal life you need to turn to Christ
instead of money, drugs or power that mess up your life
cause many people out here don’t know how to make it,
Jehovah gives them life but the devil tries to take it
and many compromise their lives to him who deceives,
but God is using me right now to tell you what you need


Be strong in the Lord and power of his might
then walk by faith and not by sight
You’re bought and purchased by the Blood of the Lamb
You’re in a Royal Priesthood they don’t understand
cause the greatest love of all will always be,
Jesus death on Calvary for you and me.


And of course, there are those that will still be curious,
suspicious, not want to believe, but we must move on
to those who want to be saved. Some may not believe
 until it’s too late.


Some people don’t want to believe
they want to live with lies
they may not realize until the day they die….
But you can be saved without fear if you’re sincere
and you take heed to what the holy spirit wants you to hear…
that you are not in control of your soul
unless Jesus comes into your life and lets it unfold,
because He knows of strength and the power
the devil gives you until the hour he devours you
but you can remove the sin that is now a stain,
that’s been causing you and your family all the pain
so reframe from another day of shame
Just rebuke Bind him up cast him out in Jesus name
Jesus came down from his glory to die for our sins,
now all he want is for you to let him in .
Jesus Christ the one who paid the price with the sacrifice
and you can have him in your life tonight


Why was Jesus the Greatest Love?
           Because He Died for us

He was tried for me, He cried for me,
was mocked and beat up 
until the day that he died for me,
crucified on the cross with the thorns in his head,
with the nails in his hands they considered him dead.
But on the 3rd day he rose up to the father 
and like him my brother you will never find another ,
when Jesus went up the holy spirit came down
and their still speaking in tongues until the final sound
of the trumpets for those you who hear
but don’t believe, they better get out the flesh
it’s time to receive, Jesus Christ
Who paid the price with the sacrifice
accept him in your life tonight.


In the early 1990’s myself and brother Jason Colbert known as Mouthpiece
           started our group called the Radical Fanatics and everywhere we would go people    
 would ask us about the name so I came up with a song that describes the term.

The name of our group was the Radical Fanatics and I wrote this song to let people know who we were:

Radical Fanatics

A radical fanatic is a soldier,
that when you get hit with a boulder, it rolls off Ya,
we got to take charge cause we’re down
with the boss and them, the cross and them,
spreading the good news, before it starts costing them, strong like a rock , I’m sound, I’m standing on solid ground pound for pound, we’re breaking it down,
for all those who were bound
and now they’re representing for the crown.


Listen up as I take up the mic to verbalize,
so that you can realize the real deal from the lies
my Father’s telling me to tell you to stop mocking us
there is no stopping us, so why not rock with us,
before you’re clocking dust, get with the cornerstone
the rock or the boulder, soldier,
ain’t no time to turn your back , so come on over,
and don’t look over your shoulder just step over,
we need you in the battlefield the war is over,
I got it straight from Jehovah the one who watches over me ,
He said that It’s about time you stop and cop a plea,
so He can set you free before you go to sleep

And for all you prayer haters that be hawking us,
stalking us, you know the truth, we’ll be walking
and you just want to walk with us, talk with us,
cause we know just how you feel,
we’re been through the same road
had the same deals,
we took it a step further with the most high,
we appealed, he accepted our plea, He took the lead
we put down the steel, went for the real
and now you ask me how I feel?
I feel like I want to explode, like a psycho
when he’s dealing with nitro, high-low
and sporadical radical fanatical,
take control Lord before you get down bless my soul.

So I got to give all the mad props to where it’s due
to the one who reigns most High
not the cheddar or the crew,
the one who’s really got my back, that’s a fact,
cause if I go to tonight I want to know where my soul be at .
so try to redefine all the steps that you’re be taking ,
the sins that you’re raking in,
cause someone out there’s faking you ,
shaking you, man you got to lose the blues,
Reject and refuse, so you can try the truth,
got to be like a rock cause you’re on solid foundation,
people across the nation thirsting for salvation,
the labor is short and the harvest is LARGE
That’s why a radical fanatic has to take charge. (chorus)

(Picture of Radical Fanatics)



I wrote this song because of all of the negative lyrics
I was hearing about young people, females, etc. I wanted
to let rappers know that they should not be influenced
by the works of the enemy and instead rap positive lyrics
into the life of young people. Let them know that they have
a chance in life, they are not helpless or worthless as some
people may call them. But instead it’s all about the rapper
and what he got and what he wants. But what does it profit
a man to win the world but lose his soul.




               Give Me a Verse

First Verse

The word today has once again indicated,
that the enemy has artificially inseminated,
the thought patterns of deception penetrated,
put on the shield so you don’t get contaminated
about the thought of sin that he impregnated
and pray the word to clean your mind cause its mandated,
then you can enter the extreme flow depths of your mind
sublime the thoughts subconscious phases in time

relive the thought patterns inspire mankind
give illumination devine with these rhymes
and all revelation wonders& signs
and all revelation wonders & signs



Give me a verse that penetrates my soul
give me a  chorus that complements my flow
something that when they say outcast
I know it’s a thing of the past- thing of the past
give me a verse that makes a young man  think
give me a chorus that make a young girl sing
something that when they say worthless, hopeless
I know people confess that they’re just being blessed .


Let me break it down to its simplest form
cause that's the way that I flow since I was  transformed-
I search for the peeps not only w/the brown skin,
the yellow red white, black and all their kin-
look around tell me who owns everything you see
the enemy just perverts it virtual reality-
and all the present lies we accept in society
keeping all our people intermingle in fatalities,
the mind can be infected, infiltrated and affected
and every thought bounded and rejected-
so don’t let the enemy employ annoy you.
He wants to take your blessing to cheat & destroy you-
The enemies in our mind from dust 2 dawn
but since I was reborn I know how it feels to be wronged
or like a man scorned, singing satanic songs
got to be strong, not like the Children of the Corn-
got to be a warrior, bolder, soldier
connecting them, wrecking them, second to none
so let me ask who you representing for the 2nd coming
can’t be fronting or running from the grips of your destiny –
could it be, you're still breaking bread with the enemy—
listen to me, in the book of lamb, Gods respecting no man
You better be ready for the eternal I am


With the mic in my hand, I don’t  drop no hypothesis
listen please – keep hearing  how I’m dropping these –
the real  breakdown not fake down- temptation stay bound
they unfound they stay on the street mobbing deep 
six feet under  the ground discreet- try to tell them try to pray
 too late another one of them  passed away today –
they want to be a rebel on a gangster level
another Tony Montana dealing bricks and pebbles
so there’s no apology for my rap theology 
straight up in your face my world up analogy.



Thugged out on the block

Copped out on the block

At a young age got turned out on the block

Showed pain on the block

Slang cain on the block

Sometimes even went insane on the block

Did time on the block

Crime on the block

Did well and even caught hell on the block

I lied on the block cried on the block

Brother I almost died on the block


As a shorty I was I was chasing mad dreams, mad cream, I wanted to gangsterlean, even fiend on the triplebeam, strolling down the concourse & Fordham to the  magazine rack that’s a fact to check out where my knicks was at, while peeping out in the sports illustrated new two from my crew snatched a ladies bag and flew the coup,I finally turned around and heard the victims call, tried to stall but I wasn’t gonna take the fall, ran a few blocks then surrounded by the man, eventhough its something that I don’t think you’ll understand, mama refused to take me home , juvenile bound, lockdown and all alone, I spent two weeks then I came to court the judge but the judge got te new  and she had to abort my freedom,from the belly of the beast, chillin on the darkside southside peace. (chorus)

That’s how I stared my life of insanity, fraternizing with the enemy just a little G, I seen more little G’s like me getting recruited, with a glock in their hand trying to learn how to shoot it.

Violence in streets, in the schools, in the homes, and drugs on a roll many lives, many funerals, time was getting rough even rougher than my own leather I had it down but life wasn’t getting better. I tried to keep it real in case it got physical, it got critical I prayed for a miracle, trying to live large in my own type society people who were close to me were planning how to murder me. Even one day I thought my life was about to end 5-0 taking aim six shots to the head,then I knew that an angel was in front of me , he didn’t let a shot come near me. But he said when you gonna wake up to the fact that  you’re gonna die , life’s too short and you don’t have a lot of time , dissing with your homies and your drugs and thangs

And the drama that you bring when you gang and bang.



As a shorty

  When I was 13 wanted everything I saw from the store didn’t care anything

About the law a little shorty running and  dodging from the cops trying to get

Props with the rocks on the corner spots, had to break it down in the Bronx

Like a soldier, its so hard on how  society tried to mold ya, so ya thinking about

Clocking G’s ? brother please you need to get down on your knees before you

Cease to exist get out the mix with satan  and the beast wearing six ,six,six,

Stop trying to be a dye hard or live large cause you cant think right or take



You better get on the right side the Christ side im not talking about the east

West north and southside or gangbanging or even set claiming you got to stop

The violence cause no one is blaming you , get out the game selling crack or cocaine they’re going to give you a number and take away your name don’t get

Stressed or depress get out the mess, take a rest so that your life can be blessed

Stop hanging out with all the  drugs and all the thugs then you can get more

Love and no slugs, when you’re down with your hommeys you pick up the gat you

Think that is phat man what’s up with that.



In the state joint you don’t want to be a resident chasing dead presidents cause

You want to represent being hard and doing all your drive-by’s but in the joint

You’re someone’s kid faking suicide, many worried mothers are coming out to say please pray so that my son dosn’t die today , too many mothers are crying

Too many homeys are dying but there’s one thing that never changes and that’s the devil that keeps on lying telling young kids to pack steel for kill , 187 on them thousand dollar bills and the family is left with another tragedy trying to stay together  holding on to their sanity. (music)


Im still on a mission taking a daily position to go fishing for the great

  Commission is my decision, a spiritual deliverance is what many need , but we don’t know who needs it until we plant the seeds, so stop follow the leader or take the  lead and feed the real needs of those who want to be free it breaks my heart and I could feel the pain I don’t want nobody goin down to the fiery flame cause I remember that I could’ve  been the same but jesus came

Into my life and took he away  the pain , so keep me in prayer so I can reach the  young and they can drop the guns and maybe try the son jesus.(music)





Some people don’t want to believe they want to live with lies they may not  realize until the day they die…. But you can be saved without fear if you’re sincere and you take heed to what the holy spirit wants you to hear… that you are not in control of your soul unless jesus come into your life and lets it unfold, because he knows of strength and the power the devil  gives you until the hour he devours you but you can remove the sin that is now  a stain, that’s been causing you and your family all the pain so reframe from say of shame just rebuke…. Bind him up cast him out in jesus name jesus came down from his glory to die for our sins, now all he want is for you to let him in . jesus Christ the one who paid the price with the sacrifice and you can have him in your life tonight ……. Word……….chorus:


Today some of you came here with out the slightest idea of why you’re here or what to expect, just respect and don’t reject what the lord has for you and intellect, divine intervention or did I mention it , you’re not here ny coincidence for this incident, you can just repent, and take your rightful place in the human race with gods amazing grace, cause the enemy dosent  want you on the other side, not for pride, but the truth

That he wants to hide, from you, and the blessings, the beast is depressing, --------------------------------------------


Today  is the day of deliverance, from captivity

And all the demonic activity, the enemy takes the stan  scam it’s a masterplan, to infiltrate the life and control the man I used to think that it was so the hard  trying to make it

Gave us life but the enemy tries to take it,

For many years the enemy had me bounded like a slave

But the word came into my heart and broke away the chains and now as I walk into the valley I pray with the armor and the devil just stays away, the enemy is a coward and a cheat just throw him out your life and you can start accepting the prince of peace

The message that I bring to all you nonbelievers is that the word is the truth and enemy the deceiver  if you accept the word than enemy has to move and take with him repented sins that dwell inside of ypou


There’s a thin line between god and the devil, will you be a rebel or live on a different level, do you want the joy in accord with the lord or gnashing of teeth when you go through hell’s door im brining you the realness, can you feel this , god will be the judge and you cant appeal this on your last breath, on  your death bed, bro you cant take healing when you go what you reap on this earth is what you gonna sow , why not come with us and represent the best,  clean up your mess, so your life can be blessed I used to know the devil good, before I stood on the rock and                                              now I just preach out in the hood, so as you walk into the valley of shadow of death, remember as you takeing your next breath, that today or tomorrow wasn’t promised to you , so just repent…….





c Prison is a place


Where you are there to do time , where you’re mind starts to wonder, and the noise  is like thunder, and where a  dear john letter is dozen a dime. It’s a place where you want to write to anyone or hope that the girls you left behind accepts your call, before her new boyfriend gets mad and pulls  the phone off the wall. It’s a place where just being there can stress you out and your hair turns grey or  starts to fall out. Prison is a place where aches and pains are stronger where days and nights are longer and the world goes on without you  what can you do. It’s a place where the name convict fits, because you’re always looking for someone  to con. Always trying to be smarter and wiser than the next guy, he wont realize that you took his kindness for weakness because in prison you don’t want to show the meakness. Eventhough they shall inherit the earth you have to survive, cause prison is a place where  escaping is not necessarily over the wall, but you can esxape into books , the card games , the drugs or just going mad . it’s a place where you get familiar with the words, wake up and lights out , that’s what prison is about. Prison is a place where a sharp  point can get you killed, it’s a place where you may develop a habit or a gender that you didn’t have , its  a place where cigarettes are worth more than money and a candy bar is worth more than gold…. It’s a place where you don’t have  privacy or quality time, cause everybody’s  up in your business. It’s a place where the rats and roaches know every square inch ou your cell .  eventhough it holds over  a million souls every year , only 

Brother Lew’s Poetry and Music Lyrics


Now let me introduce myself to you people
cause many have sight but they still couldn’t see
that once introduce in your system
I keep you confused so that you can’t be free
they call me addiction I take full control
commanding your body, your mind and your soul
I bring you much misery confuse you with fear
you’ll lose sleepless nights and age fast in years
I’ll take all your wealth, your business will fail
I’ll make you a criminal, they’ll send you to jail
I’ll make your life hopeless, you’ll sleep in the street
With nothing to eat, no shoes on your feet.
My ways are conflicting, addicting your fate
A monster that turns all your love into hate
In gambling or liquor that might make you bold
In drugs or in power, I still take control
Many will say that my ways aren’t fair
But must know the rush they know can’t compare
So before you step up to me better think twice
I’m not very nice, and I will take your life.













Many people’s personalities are created by their attitudes towards life.
How do you measure your attitude?






It’s your attitude not your aptitude that gives you your success
the longer you live you’ll realize that it can turn into a great big mess
there are many things that will happen to me, but it’s how I react to it.
Someone gets in my face or puts down my race do I fight, flight or have a fit.
No one can make you feel inferior unless you give them your consent.
Things in your life can get very serious unless you start to use common sense. We cannot change anything in the past, but we can change our future in sin.
We cannot change how others react, but with evil we know we can’t win.
When you’re thinking quite negative, you’re thinking you failed
When you’re thinking of crime you’re thinking of jail.
When you think of your attitude, you’re ahead of us all.
Just like learning to walk, your know you will fall
Your self-esteem, your hopes and dreams,
your fears and the way you choose
your action, reaction or fatal attraction
is the mere satisfaction you just can’t lose
your joy, love and anger, politeness, frustrations,
excitement, enticement the way that you feel,
when you’re sweet and polite or rough and uptight,
you know your attitude is for real.
So be courageous, hopeful, friendly and loving
to hear, feel, see, say and do.
That your thoughts are your own and you never disown
the attitude that you made for you.




                       Don’t call me names

Don’t call me black, don’t call me white,
don’t even call me Puerto Rican,
but you can call me all the way back,
if indeed you can find a reason.
Power tripping, Ego stripping
pride ripping out at the seams,
You may think your sweat don’t stink,
wannabees to the extreme
Are you racist or prejudice,
bigot or just ridiculous 
America the land of the free,
home of the brave from sea to sea
A constitution, a land of prayer,
a state of head games, a house of players
It’s like a bad taste that’s in my mouth,
or the smell of cologne that’s cheap, no doubt
Some hide their feelings, some just don’t grow,
some lose their lives or lose control
what we see today there is no cause,
cause many are here enduring the loss.










                 The Hood

In the hood people still live in fear,
they don’t shed tears, just worry about the next year,
why? Will they still be alive missed by a stray bullet barely survived,
Aids, stress, burnouts, and racial attacks,
teenage violence, the blunts and the crack.
Can’t fix a leak or hear a complaint, 
the landlords change, but it’s still the same
 and the politicians never live in the hood, 
but always try to tell you that they wish they could.
Life in the hood may try to keep you down,
when no cops around and you’re gagged and bound.
People still learning through history
that to get out the hood you got to be free.
the hood a society within it’self
products of the environment that need you help.
The homeless, the handouts, the dealers and the thieves,
the summertime is hot but in the winter you freeze,
we must accept things we cannot change,
but we cant get involved and play the devil’s game,
cause you’ll have kids and too many bills,
cancer, pills and abortion kills.
I know your arms are to short to box with god, 
so you got to have faith and not façade,
don’t throw in the towel when you hear the bell,
cause no matter what you call it you’re living in your own hell.


Tommorow, August 16th is the anniversary of my accepting Jesus and starting my Christian Rap career. It has been 31 years (Aug 16th, 1988 – Aug. 16th 2019) since then. As I’m finishing this book, I get news that USA today has just put out an article on Christian hip hop.

Six rappers were featured; NF, LeCrae, Andy Mineo, Wande, nobigdyl and Social Club Misfits. Most of them gave credit to secular rappers as influencers, but I’m sure that they listened to Christian rappers before they started their careers. You see, Christian rappers don’t get the credit for inspiring or encouraging young ministers, rappers, singers, evangelist or others, But as long as they continue to plant the seed, the Good News, the Word of God, they’ll get the rewards in heaven.